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EMWA Professional Development Programme (EPDP) advanced certificate:

EMWA Conference Mayo 2008. Barcelona, España.

  • Advanced Clinical Study Design.
  • Slippery slopes: Survival Analysis and Regression Clouds (Kaplan-Meier, Correlation and Regression Analyses).
  • SYNTAX Distractions: Taxonomy and Revision.

EMWA Conference Mayo 2009. Ljubljana, Eslovenia.

  • Advanced epidemiology for medical communicators.
  • Editing and rewriting English texts originating from non-native speakers. MASTER CLASS.
  • Statistical Thinking for Medical Writers.

EMWA Conference 2010. Lisboa, Portugal.

  • Statistical analysis of binary data.
  • MASTER CLASS: Semantic Analysis of Medical Writing.

Successful Medical Writing. Management Forum Ltd. Barcelona 5-7 Mar 2008.

Intensive course ( imparted by EMWA instructors, focused on three key topics:

1. Enhancing writing and tables/graphs designing skills
2. Regulatory documentation:         Investigator’s Brochure
                                                     Clinical Study Reports
                                                     Clinical Summaries
                                                     Clinical Overviews
3. Statistics


Workshops at Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting, Madrid Oct 2007:



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